Northern Discovery Academy is a private Christian school with a unique learning model -- one that provides active learning oppportunities to truly engage students!  Enrollment is open for students from K to 12th for the 2019-2020 school year.  Learn more about us here, and call or message us to set up a tour of your preferred campus.

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Newaygo and Howard City Campuses Mapped Below

We May Be a Fit for You


If Your Student Is a Unique Individual

Yes, all students are unique, which makes us wonder who wouldn't want to hang out with us!  In spite of this, most schools treat students as if they were all alike, when some students wish they had more quiet time for reading, and others squirm and need to be active.  Some students could use extra work in a certain subject area, while others thrive when assigned extra challenges.  Here at Northern, your student receives an education that meets their unique needs.  

Check out our "Unique Learning Model" page to discover more.


If You Want a School That Values Family Time

Some schools seem to figure that school is the center of your family life.  They over-schedule homework, plump up school event calendars, and rope you into school fundraisers.  We figure school is supposed to support your family life, and that perspective affects what we do -- and what we don't do.  We're here to partner with you to enrich your family life.

Check out our Current Year page for our school calendar.


If You Desire the Benefits of Homeschooling

Northern offers many of the benefits of homeschooling in a school setting. These include a rich education from a Christian worldview, small class sizes, personalized learning experiences, and active, life-skills focused instruction. We provide a relaxed school environment that helps students do their best work, and focus on maturing students through mentoring and leadership.

Check out our "A Typical Week" page to see how we roll!

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Newaygo Campus

Feel Free to Reach Out to Us!

You can email us at the email address below, or drop by and see us during school hours.  You can walk our campus, tour the school, and check out a class and see if we are a fit for your student.

Newaygo Office:

We're available from 9 to 3 Monday to Thursday.

Northern Discovery Academy

5490 East 48th Street, Newaygo, Michigan 49337, United States

(231) 527-9683

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Howard City Campus

If you are interested in the Howard City campus, you can still reach out to us at the email or phone number above.  We'd be happy to answer any questions you have, and allow you to tour the campus after renovations this summer. 

Our main office is at the Newaygo campus, and no one will be available to speak with in person at Howard City during summer hours.

121 S. Lincoln St, Howard City, Michigan 49329, United States