YEARLY THEME, Field Trips & Events


HISTORY THEME: The Tech of Sailing & Flight in World History

Our  students will love following the rise and fall of the world's great empires as they use the technology of sail and flight to support and grow the land over which they exert control.  Students will find out how virtually all the great civilizations owe their power to control of the seas, and later, using the sea to control the air as well.  It's a fascinating study, even for those who don't love ships, because it allows students to really get a good grasp of the flow of world history.  It also answers questions about why Rome, England, and later, America so thoroughly dominated the nations of their time, why so many took to sea during the Age of Discovery, and why aircraft carriers are key to world powers even today.  Plus, the tech is just cool stuff!

SCIENCE THEME: Marine Science, Meteorology, and Astronomy

Students this year will enjoy a special focus on marine science, studying ocean zones and depths,  coastal habitats and coral reefs, ocean currents and water temperatures, and discover the mammals and other animals whose homes are in the world's oceans.  Our outdoor nature study will focus on weather observation and methods of forecasting, as well as stargazing projects and an observational evening at the Newaygo campus on a dark, clear night.

Planned Field Trips

Trip to an Aquarium (perhaps Belle Isle in Detroit)

Michigan Maritime Museum in South Haven

Air Zoo:  Aerospace and Science Museum in Kalamazoo

School of Missionary Aviation in Ionia, Michigan

Meteorology Tour at Local TV Station

Planetarium Visit to the Grand Rapids Public Museum