Our Philosophy

Northern Discovery Academy exists to partner with parents, to educate and disciple children consistent with a biblical worldview.  Our instructors seek to ignite in each student a love for learning and a passion to follow Christ with their whole heart.  Our unique model allows students to immerse in active learning experiences that connect with them personally.  Each class is designed to reveal truth about God, His creation, and His Kingdom, and create lifelong learners that can ably discern, articulate, and defend truth to the glory of God.

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Our Unique Learning Model

Active Learning


Kids learn best by exploring, discovering, doing, trying, experimenting, and creating.  Every day, that's what they'll be doing!

Rich, Interactive Curriculum


Real and living books, journal-keeping, try-it-yourself experiences, and nature study -- it engages every student, no matter what their learning style.

Real Experiences


Kids will dive into new life experiences from forge to farm to fort and beyond!  Expect them to come home with dirty hands and big smiles!

Nature Study


The tall trees and green forest on our wooded campus provide up-close opportunities to see nature at work every season of the year.

Small Class Size


Students develop deep friendships and receive personal instruction because classes are small.  Plus, they'll love our relaxed environment!

Mentoring & Leadership


Not only do instructors mentor students, but kids have the opportunity to serve one another and learn leadership and service skills.

Distinctives That Fit Families

Four-Day Week


School is in session just four days a week, with one fifth day a month dedicated to interactive projects, sim labs, or field trips.

Limited Homework


Family time is at a premium.  Our daily schedule includes time for students to finish most or all of their independent work, if they work diligently.

Family-Friendly Schedule


School begins at 8:30 am, but students can arrive as soon as 8:00 to fit your family's schedule.  Our four-day schedule provides you with a family day!

Optional Lunch Shop Items


Why pack a lunch?  Students can purchase lunch items if you're in a hurry, or if a lunch is left behind at home -- or just add a fun lunch item!

No Evening Commitments


We know how busy you are.  So we don't schedule evening school events, and each parent only chaperones one Friday field trip or event per year.

Plenty of Healthy Exercise


Kids get out every day for recess, and can play group games in our large, open playground.  Students also have PE twice each week.

Rich Curriculum

Humanities Focus


History and culture studies allow kids to put the human experience into perspective.  We produce our own curriculum for a top-notch education.

Cross-Curricular Language Arts


With phonics instruction for young learners, grammar and writing for grades 3-12, each level is linked to our humanities studies topics.

Try-It Science & Living Math


Science studies feature plenty of active learning, while math for each grade is presented in stories that help students acquire math skills for real life!

Real Experiences & Activities


School days are filled with real experiences like apple-picking and teepee building.  And they'll love special classes like Chess, Drama & Game Creation.

Worldview Emphasis


Students will learn to identify and understand the Christian, as well as secular and religious worldviews, and how each aligns with God's Word.

Service & Skill Opportunities


Students learn many skills through serving others and taking on age-appropriate responsibilities.