The Basics


What Kind of School is Northern?

Northern Discovery Academy is a private Christian school that is currently accepting students in first to eleventh grade for the 2018-19 school year.  Northern accepts students of other beliefs, but requires that they respect Northern's Christian foundation.  We will be adding additional grades each year as we grow with your students!

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  • Where is the School?
  • What is Your Educational Model & Philosophy?
  • What Does It Cost to Attend?
  • How Can I Learn More?
  • How Do We Register?

Where Is the School?

We have two campuses!  One is in Newaygo, a 10-acre wooded campus in the heart of Manistee National Forest, where the focus is on nature study!   The other is in Howard City, where students will dig into technology and entrepreneurship with mentors and interactive labs.  Check out each location on our "Campuses" page.

What Is Your Educational Model & Philosophy?

Northern Discovery Academy exists to build a culture of curiosity, where kids love waking up each day to learn more about the world around them.  They love it, because they are involved with the learning hands-on, trying new skills, and enjoying educational experiences.  We are here to provide those experiences inside a Christian worldview, and in a small-group format with a low ratio of students to teachers.  You've discovered a little about our model by exploring this site.  

Who Founded the School?

WinterPromise has been providing interactive, hands-on curriculum to charter schools and homeschoolers for about 15 years (  We desire to offer this educational experience to as many children as we can, and this school is a product of that vision.  The model you've learned about here on our website is an extension of what our curriculum facilitates -- an active, engaged educational process.  

Are Your Teachers Certified?

As the state of Michigan requires, our teachers have their degree.  Each one is passionate about their subject area, and our founding teachers are fluent in the function, priorities, and requirements of our unique model!  As we continue to grow and add teachers, they are likely to be a mix of degreed teachers who are and are not certified, teachers who can adapt and adopt our interactive model.  This results in a mix of teachers.  Why?  The path to certification focuses on different objectives and frameworks that align to traditional school priorities, developed to manage large classrooms and demonstrate student success through testing and pre-set outcomes.  This type of approach is not how your student is taught at NDA, and therefore, even a certified teacher would have to learn new techniques to master our model.  We can teach the model.  You can't teach the kind of passion that stirs up a love of learning in a child, and truly educates them.  That is what we look for in teachers of excellence!

What Does It Cost to Attend?

It's so affordable!  We focus on keeping our costs low and furnishing top-quality learning experiences for your family!  Our tuition is much less than that of similar private institutions.  You can take a look at our 2019-2020 tuition costs and payment options here.

How Can I Learn More?

Set up a Visit, meet with a teacher, and see our school in action.  Call our office, and set up a time to tour the school during school hours.

Attend a Summer Open House, explore our campus, walk our trail, and more, at 6:30 pm on one of these dates that works for you:  June 28, 2018, July 26, 2018 or August 9th, August 16th or 23rd.  RSVP to us at 231-527-9683 to reserve your visit.  

Read our Handbook here, or Call Us at 231-527-9683.  We'll tell you all about us! 

This Is Perfect for Our Family. How Do We Register?


We can't wait to have you!  Here's our registration process:

  • Step 1:  Easy!  Complete an Application (Download) and if your student is in Junior or Senior High, also complete an Elective Selection Form (Download)
  • Step 2:  We Meet You in a Family Interview (Learn More Here)
  • Step 3:  Finish Enrollment Paperwork (Download)
  • Step 4:  Attend a New Student Orientation (Learn More Here)

That's It!


Returning students fill out this shortened form.  However, if your family is adding a student who is new to the school, you should fill out "New Student" enrollment paperwork (above) for that new-to-NDA student.  

  • Complete a Re-Enrollment Form for a Returning Student (Download), and if your student is in Junior or Senior High, also complete an Elective Selection Form (Download)


Homeschool students wishing to enroll in Discovery Thursday classes should fill out the Homeschool Discovery Thursday Application (Download).

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Better yet, see us in person!

Drop by and see us during business hours for a tour or to discover whether we are a fit for your student!

Northern Discovery Academy

5490 E 48th St, Newaygo, Michigan 49337, United States

(231) 527-9683


Monday - Friday: 9am - 3pm